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the artist in his studio


Opening June 12, 2015


The Floor Show







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CUT - one night only @ Motor City Brewery - May 22 from 6-11pm



smorgasbord @ art|room pontiac -  february 2 to march 8




prints for sale @ $100





clandestine @ work -  november 30 to december 21



nailing kandinsky to the wall - november 10th





still lives - september 22nd




great frame up - november 17

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Since he began exhibiting in the early 1990s, American artist Jef Bourgeau has inspired provocation. His practice essentially involves the remaking of art and artist, imagined and real. Bourgeau has been a vexing figure for many and his "interventions" have continued to be viewed as a subversion of traditional notions of artistic practice and integrity.

Bourgeauís art exemplifies the post-modern sense of working, engaged with the vicissitudes of the constructed image, that is, the imageís transposition from one medium and context to another and the traces and consequences of this transfer. For Bourgeau, technology acts as a filter to dissect and rebuild random or banal images.

By isolating and emptying out these disposable, commonplace representations, Bourgeau reinscribes them with a new essence, and in effect, completes them by converting such images into a charged narrative. As such, the mimicking of a second or third-generation "original" is tantamount to a kind of newfound legibility, resonance, and meaning. Art is used as a mediation filter, as a proposition about the act of perception itself.

What Bourgeau aims to dispel then are the Modernist myths of the original and of originality, and of straight-out artistic freedom against the commodity of art objects: all this, alongside the presumed power-sharing of gallery, collector, and museum over the artist and art trends. Bourgeauís best known work, the Museum of New Art, has become a broad commentary on the fact that most people donít actually see real paintings, as they are more likely to experience art as a decal reproduction on the side of a coffee mug. Asking isnít that good enough, after all.

- Jan van der Marck












Museum of New Art | Armada
Opening June 22, 3-7pm

Yunjung Kang



Museum of Photography and New Media | MONA
Opening June 29, 3-7pm

Judi Bomarito




Midtown MONA is proud to present in collaboration with Galerie Camille:
ďWhere are they now?Ē
Opening reception: June 6, from 6-9pm





short MONA: Detroit Noel Night


MONA @ ARMADA - August 24, 6-10pm

Uta Barth has donated work for the museum's benefit auction
along with 75 other artists from Detroit and abroad..




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